Fine Art

Limited Edition Prints

All of the images on this website are available for purchase but when you purchase a Lee Slabber limited edition print you are not just buying an image to frame and hang on your wall but, rather, a fleeting moment in time that has been expertly captured, in camera and with minimal post processing, presented as a work of art, on the finest museum quality archival paper.

Each limited edition print is a carefully captured moment in time, a special, emotional moment that Lee shares with you. Limited Edition means that there will only ever be a pre-determined number of prints produced of each photograph. Once the edition sells out, there will never be another reprint of that photograph. Lee’s Fine Art Editions come in multiple sizes ranging from 40 – 10 digitally signed prints.

These Fine Art Limited Edition Prints are long-term investments, carefully printed on the highest quality mediums in sizes and formats to your specification. Lee’s Fine Art Limited Editions are produced in a pre-determined edition size. As demand for one of Lee’s Fine Art Photographs goes up, so does the price. Collecting early guarantees you are also receiving the most competitive pricing available.

As Lee’s limited edition prints sell for a certain photograph, its price appreciates accordingly in his online store. This helps to ensure your Fine Art Limited Edition Print increases in value over time. A sale can close at any time as the strict number of a specific print is met.

For any further enquiries regarding my Limited Edition prints, one offs or special sizes please contact me for more information. If you would like to have your Limited Edition  Print in a special custom size or on a different print medium than listed on my website, all can be arranged for you.

We recommend that all images be mounted by experienced professionals. Always handle your photograph with white cotton gloves. Ensure that your photograph is cold mounted only. We recommend mounting on a completely smooth, high-quality, dimensionally stable substrate. For best results, use a solvent acrylic adhesive with built-in UV inhibitors. Please be aware that mounting your photograph on a softer surface like foam core will increase the likelihood of the photograph developing orange peel, or subtle dimpling, on the surface.

Please know that if your Lee Slabber edition is damaged from handling or during the mounting process, after delivery, Lee is not liable for the damage or replacement costs. Be sure to use a reputable and insured frame shop to mount or frame your photograph.

Is the art signed?
Yes. Each Limited Edition artwork features a digitally embedded signature and edition number on the face of the artwork and a signed certificate a signed certificate of authenticity..