A Lee Slabber print is testimony to the diverse natural beauty that our planet has been blessed with. Through both his technical and creative skills he presents the natural world in a manner that will hopefully go a long way in creating awareness, empathy and an understanding of this beauty which will have a positive effect on those that view it. An incredible amount of time, travel, patience and love has gone into the creation of each and every image and it is this passion and skill that makes a Lee Slabber image stand above the rest. Lee’s prints can be delivered to your home or office, via courier, after a simple online purchase.

New printing methods enable each piece to be printed on the finest archival photo paper using the latest technology that not only delivers stable prints but also allows for large size printing with excellent resolution. This creates a work of art suitable for collecting or gift giving. Lee has spent years in the outdoors capturing moments that most of us will never be fortunate enough to see.  Large, dramatic prints create impact, awe and are becoming increasingly popular as a way of decorating wall space, with the design world loving it.From the plains and deserts of Africa to the tropical rain forests and shorelines of Asia and the frozen isolation of Antarctica, Lee will bring the drama and beauty of the natural world into your own living space. The images can fit into any décor and Lee’s prints are designed to elevate photographs to museum quality images.