When writing a bio about yourself one gets the opportunity to evaluate, question and re-discover what drives you, your passions and what defines the core of your being. You start an in depth investigation into your own life and recall little details that have long ago been stored in the memory bank.

Travel, discovery & adventure

My need for travel, discovery and adventure has been around for as long as I choose to remember, as my parents reminded me of how, from a very early age I would disappear from home and be found in a mall or field, totally engrossed in my new surroundings and not understanding what all the ensuing fuss was about. This need for adventure has never waned and is a driving force that motivates me on a daily basis. Our world has so much beauty and diversity and nothing gives me more of a kick than witnessing it first hand and capturing its beauty with my camera.

My love of the outdoors and adventure found me travelling the globe during the mid to late 1990’s, after completing my national service and studies. It was during my travels that a camera was never far from my side, yet it was only 10 years later that I really started to focus on the quality of my images after taking lessons from a friend, who was a full-time photographic lecturer. It was natural that my love of the bush and all things wild is where I would initially point my lens. The many hours spent in solitude, at a hide or in a vehicle near a waterhole is and still remains an almost spiritual experience for me. The anticipation of what might arrive or what event might unfold and then being able to capture it, in the best possible “light”, is a challenge that I do not get bored of and drives me to improve my story telling ability, in the most creative ways possible.


and Awards

A massive part of my skill developed as I spent three years documenting a troop of baboons in the mountains near my home. As time went by and the troop accepted me, I was able to get very close and experiment with different angles, compositions and use of light. I believe that this time is where my photography was truly developed and these images can be seen in the book Beast or Blessing.

As my love of photography grew so did my photographic accolades. My work has been exhibited on the walls of the Smithsonian Institute in Washington DC and the Natural History Museum in London.  My work has also been published in many books and magazines worldwide, including Natures Best, Getaway, Sawubona (SAA in flight magazine) and Natgeo Kids. I have been fortunate enough to win awards in some of the worlds most prestigious photographic competitions including, BBC Wildlife Photographer of the Year, Windland Rice International Awards, Natures Best and Fujifilm awards.